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Third Polish Festival of Children's and Youth Festival APLAUZ 2019, which took place on May 25-27, is already in the past.

These were three wonderful days, full of amazing emotions, and the knowledge and experience gained during Festival will certainly support development of young, vocal talents.

As Organisers, we would like to thank all children and their parents for coming over, for your patience, forbearance, time spent together and great fun. We hope that during these three days you have learned a lot, that you have established new contacts and friendships, and the knowledge and experience gained will help you present yourself bette during the fourth edition of Aplauz.

Thank you very much to the Polish Educational Society for the honorary patronage and help in providing information about our Festival to all Polish Saturday Schools throughout the UK. Special thanks go to Mrs. Antonina Machowska, a representative of the PES who is with us from the very beginning and supports our activities with all of her heart.

We would like to thank our media patrons, ie Polish Radio London, Cooltura magazine addressed to the Polish community living in the UK and the websites such us: and Without your help and support, the news about the Applause would not have reached such large number of people.

Thank you very much to the judges for their difficult and very responsible work. Judges: Antonina Machowska, Paweł Harańczyk, Maksymilian Pach, Andrzej Jaworski, Marcin Chatys, Bartosz Drzewiecki, Kacper Gruntkowski, Mariusz Urbaniak and Daren Bathell.

Applause certainly would not be such an interesting place, if not for the work of our wonderful guests from Poland, and thus the musical band of: Paweł Harańczyk (piano), Marcin Chatys (bass guitar, double bass), Andrzej Jaworski (acoustic guitar, electric guitar) , Maksymilian Pach (drums). Also thanks to Mariusz Urbaniak and Justyna Wysocka (soon Urbaniak), who with their whole heart and commitment, led this year vocal workshops for all festival participants. Thank you for your hard work, for patience, forbearance and professionalism at every moment of your work. We love you! <3

We would like to thank the people who led this year's Applause, Marek Luczkiw, who led the Final Contest part and Mariusz Urbaniak, whom we saw on the stage during the final gala. We also send our warmest thanks to Michał Gil, our wonderful tech support, who devoted two days of his life to our laureates and make them sound so beautifully at the final gala with the band. Well done!

Finally, we thank our wonderful sponsors who supported us financially and thus enabled us to organise the entire Festival. This year's Applause wouldn’t exist if it were not for support from the National Lottery Fund, and companies such as PolPlan, Open Expert, Brookdale, Polska Księgarnia Internetowa. Thank you with all my heart!

At the end ... special and the most beautiful perhaps, thanks, to our volunteers, who devoted their free time, and often also added a "few pounds" from their own home budget, so that this year's Applause could take place. Beloved ... thank you very much for your hard, unselfish work, commitment and support that we received from you. For your great ideas and their independent implementation, for the fact that you were ready to support us at any time while solving dozens of logistical problems related to the preparation of Applause. You are AMAZING! Without you, there would be no Applause.

We would like to thank all those involved in this or that way in the preparation of this year's edition of the Applause. We appreciate every help, every good word, every support. We do not forget that Applause is WE, all of US, and so every person who has added even the smallest, positive brick to his organisation. We deeply hope that you will be with us again next year.

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