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COVID19 and Aplauz Festiwal

Due to the situation in the UK related to the COVID19 virus, we would like to ask you to be patient.

As festival organisers, we monitor the situation, we wait to see how situation to develop.

Of course, we care about your health the most, which is why we are prepared to potentially close Britain to the world and cancel mass events.

So far, we do not see the need to postpone the Festival at this time, we believe that by May, the UK government will take the right steps to slow down the spread of the virus.

Entries to the Festival are accepted all the time, if we will need to postpone the Festival, as the Organisers we do not plan to extend the entries dates, so please, sent your submission now!

We promise you that if the Festival will take place in May, we will do our best to make each of you to feel safe.

Antibacterial gels will be available, all Festival locations will be further cleaned by cleaning companies (conversations with hired spaces are already in progress). We will do our best so that you do not have to be afraid.

The message for now - to all of us - if you feel bad - stay at home. Do not underestimate symptoms such as fever, cough, muscle aches. Don't meet people, stay at home. If everyone will follow common sense, we can delay the virus.

As we already know, the virus will not disappear in a month, two, three. He will stay with us until the end of humanity, but until the vaccine is invented, we must learn how to live with it.

We sending you loads of strength,

The organisers

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